LAME – Dejad Que Vengan One Sided MLP


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“A decade after the international boom of the Iberian Hardcore scene and its subsequent decline, some members of the bands ORDEN MUNDIAL and BARCELONA, scattered around Europe, got together to form LAME, with MORREADORAS’ bassist on vocal duties. These 7 songs were written in Mallorca during 4 days and recorded in pieces between Mallorca and Berlin shortly after. An instantaneous and fleeting project, quick and concise, with no time for regrets. A journey through the generalised madness that affects us from far and near; a mixture of reflections and blind head-butts against the padded walls of understanding. The loss of control, the loss of time, the loss of oneself and the loss of dear departed all meet at once. Resignation is death indeed.

What does it sound like? Unabashed hardcore with a broad spectrum of current and classic influences. Serrated guitar riffs, mechanical deep bass lines and hypnotic drumming backing an extremely sharp and vile vocal delivery. It can remind you at times of CHAIN REACTION and GRB, of RUDIMENTARY PENI and NOG WATT. All passed through a Mediterranean filter”.

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