KOMA – Internment Failure LP


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Leeds/London band KOMA deliver their debut LP “Internment Failure”: 12 tracks of brutal, unrelenting, constantly contorting and mutating hardcore – perfectly encapsulating the desperation of living in the final generations of a failed state, watching the life of the planet ebb away.

Frantically written and recorded across 2 cities within the band’s first 12 months of existence, KOMA casts a wide net of global influences but refuses to be indebted to any one singular band or scene. At times recalling the classic Finnish & Swedish hardcore of MELLAKKA and CRUDE SS mixed with the raw distorted brute power of VOĈO PROTESTA and BASTARD; echoes of the unhinged mayhem of ATAQUE FRONTAL and CHAIN REACTION subside to moments of gothic tension like TOŽIBABE and PYHÄKOULU. KOMA makes a bold and ambitious statement of intent, a wholly-realised vision and fully-formed sound of pummeling riffs and powerful vocals that will remind of SACRILEGE’s debut.

“Internment Failure” was expertly recorded by James Atkinson over a weekend at The Stationhouse in Leeds and then pushed beyond the extreme by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room.

Record sleeve features a nightmarish painting/collage by artist Thomas Wade, logos & text by A. Wildman, and a double-sided insert poster/lyric sheet designed by guitarist Simon Marsham with Isabel O’Toole.

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