FINISTERRE s/t LP (lim. beer/gold vinyl) + Flexi 7″



It’s been a while but finally four years after their split 7 “with Geraniüm (France) and their ‘Hexis’ 12 “, here’s a new record by FINISTERRE. Their sound has developed quite a bit and moved from the mid-tempo D-Beat/Crust more towards Dark Hardcore with hints of Postpunk. It’s a diverse record. Each of these eight songs stands for itself. Manuela’s brutal but charasmatic vocals are deep, political and radical. Telling stories of anger and hope. Musically shaped and grown over the years, they play a unique and damn exciting blend of dark melancholy post-hardcore, heavy d-beat and dark crustpunk, incredibly direct and intense. Finisterre are not one of this faceless d-beat-cover-bands, they found their really own sound and are playing in a league with the good and important bands of this genre like Fall of Efrafa, Alpinist or Tragedy. Hardcore with a crust edge, varied and dark. It took a while, but i was definetly worth the wait.Tracklist.Never stop your anger.Twist &TurnHungry HeartNo Love Left BehindA Wasting DiseaseFibreCrucial TimesHeaven is Wasted on the Dead.Pressing Info:200x Golden/Yellow Vinyl800x Black VinylOUT SEPT. 1st 2017The lim. edition contains an extra flexi 7 “disc.

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