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It's been a while but finally four years after their split 7" with Geraniüm (France) and their 'Hexis' 12", here's a new record by FINISTERRE. Their sound has developed quite a bit and moved from the mid-tempo D-Beat/Crust more towards Dark Hardcore with hints of Postpunk. It's a diverse record. Each of these eight songs stands for itself. Manuela's brutal but charasmatic vocals are deep, political and radical. Telling stories of anger and hope. Musically shaped and grown over the years, they play a unique and damn exciting blend of dark melancholy post-hardcore, heavy d-beat and dark crustpunk, incredibly direct and intense. Finisterre are not one of this faceless d-beat-cover-bands, they found their really own sound and are playing in a league with the good and important bands of this genre like Fall of Efrafa, Alpinist or Tragedy. Hardcore with a crust edge, varied and dark. It took a while, but i was definetly worth the wait.

Never stop your anger.
Twist &Turn
Hungry Heart
No Love Left Behind
A Wasting Disease
Crucial Times
Heaven is Wasted on the Dead.

Pressing Info:
200x Golden/Yellow Vinyl
800x Black Vinyl

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LOS CRUDOS - Doble LP Discografía 2LP

Finally a European version of the long overdue LOS CRUDOS Discography collection. LOS CRUDOS, formed in Chicago's Pilsen neighbourhood in the early 90's, are a Latino punk band with a strong socio-political message and an extremely militant DIY attitude. During their first incarnation, spanning the years 1991 to 1998 the band self-released their own records, printed their own merch, booked their own shows and toured relentlessly around the world. From South America to Japan including a 3 month European tour in the winter of 1996. They spoke to the freaks the outsiders and the minorities and were not afraid of confronting the white middle class punk who reigned supreme during the terrible 90's. A time which will not be remembered for their hardcore output except for a few exceptions, in which CRUDOS are surely included. Their sound, far from being a copycat of whatever flavour of the month was reigning at the time was heavy rooted in the golden years of European and Latino American ferocious hardcore punk. With bands as IMPACT, WRETCHED, OLHO SECO, TERVEET KADET or MASACRE 68 as obvious influences in a time when the simple mention of any of those bands (or any non English speaking bands really) was usually met with a laugh or a joke. They sang in Spanish, with aggression and conviction and that made their message spread out widely, reaching thousands of Spanish speaking punks both in Latino America and Spain as well as inside USA where third generation Latino kids surely were missing a voice within the punk scene. The band split up in 1998 after a really intense year of touring and reformed in 2008.

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Selfish are back showing there is no limit for the deluxe Japcore by these finnish maniacs. Crude contribute another raw rager of their trademark high voltage hakodate HC! Both songs delivered with absolute passion. 300 copies on black vinyl!

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Larm - Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction 2xLP

Larm - Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction 2xLP

Holland\'s Lärm was a band that had something for everybody: sincere leftist politics, a strong straight edge philosophy, a lighthearted, humorous attitude, and most importantly devastating music played at never-before-heard speeds. They played \"extreme noise\" style: short, fast, and out of tune. The band known as Lärm evolved from other projects sometime around 1981. The line-up was Olav on drums, Paul on guitar, Jos on bass, and Dorien on vocals. The three boys had previously been in a band called the Sextons. Their 1981 demo was recorded before Olav had a drumset, so he played the chairs.The original Lärm line-up went by the name Total Chaoz. Soon after the name change they added a second singer, Menno, to the mix. Paul would later say that the Lärm philosphy was \"start a fucking band no matter if you can play your instruments or not.\" That DIY spirit was part of what made Lärm so special. Because they were still learning their instruments, they adopted a style of playing that centered on playing very fast, noisy, short songs. At their first show the sound man asked them when they were going to fix the guitar amp and start playing actual songs. When they answered that they liked the guitar sound and had just played three songs, he shut off the PA and went to get something to eat. Thanks to their amazing records and extensive touring with the likes of Heresy, Lärm became a huge name in international hardcore. The band members were beginning to question their future however. They were uncomfortable with being treated like punk rockstars at shows, and felt that the trendy, apolitical hardcore scene was ignoring their messages about revolution, personal choices, and animal rights in a blind thirst for really fast music. By the time they decided to change their name to Seein Red, Menno was leaving to finish his legal education in Amsterdam. Menno was last heard from practicing law in a low income neighborhood in that city. The other three have continued on as Seein´ Red, and although they initially tried to distance themselves from the ultra-fast pace of their old band, they eventually started writing faster material - admitting that it\'s in their blood

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New Album by GATTACA.

Hailing from Olomouc/Praha (Czech Republic), GATTACA play emo and black metal informed political hardcore/crust with conviction and fire most bands wish they had.

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