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FINISTERRE - hexis 12''

FINISTERRE - hexis 12''
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FINISTERRE - hexis 12''

After their split LP with ALPINIST and their LP "bitter songs" from 2010, this is FINISTERRE's third output. It took three years for the five people from cologne to make four new songs, but it was definetly worth the wait. "Hexis" is the consequent continuation of their previous outputs: a unique and exciting blend of dark Post Hardcore-Melancholy, D-Beat and gloomy Crustpunk, incredibly gripping, direct and intense. It's so unique, that it's not just another D-Beat imitiation, but plays in the same league with those great & outstanding bands like FALL OF EFRAFA, ALPINIST or TRAGEDY.

Hardcore with crust edge, varied, versatile and dark.
In times metallic, in other melodic and fronted by the very diverse and brutal vocals by the singer Manueand lyrics, which are highly political and furious
"Hexis" comes as wonderful one sided 12 " in opaque white vinyl with a intricated screen print on the b side, text inlay, download code and a screenprinted cardboard cover on top of a handpainted background. All completely handmade - DIY!!!

Visually and musically a more than exceptional record!

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FINISTERRE    bitter songs    CD

FINISTERRE bitter songs CD

Two years after their great split LP with ALPINIST, here is the first own album by FINISTERRE from cologne / germany. Bitter songs is a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. FINISTERRE managed to create their own interpretation of modern crust by combining epic elements with sweet melodies and calm and contemplative parts turn into moments of anger and despair. The lyrics deal with current poltical issues like the EU-immigration policy and increase of surveillance in public and private spheres as well as they deal with more personal-politcal topics about heteronomy, sexism and death.The records was recorded by Zett in the Tonkeller, Eisenberg and mixed/mastered by Robin Völkert (Now Denial, Dean Dirg). The CD comes with a 20-page booklets with all lyrics and explanations to the songs.
ready to ship on the 28th JuneReady to ship on the 28th June!

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"Liberty, Equality, Solidarity" (T-Shirt)

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Frontprint: "Liberty, Equality, Solidarity"

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