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STRAFPLANET - big feelings 7''

STRAFPLANET - big feelings 7''
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STRAFPLANET - big feelings 7''

What a fucking rager! More than a year after their ferocious demo, here's finally Strafplanets highly anticipated debut 7“! Members of Boredom, Rivers Run Dry and Catholic Guilt team up to deliver a punishing outburst of female fronted hardcore drenched with noisy feedback and oozing with rage.  Fast paced and in-your-face hardcore punk that's filled with squealing guitars, vicious shrieks, down-tuned bass, and blasting drums. Think of Punch and No Statik to give you a hint.


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WEAK TIES / NOLL KOLL - split 7"

Nine songs in seven minutes – a powerfull split 7″ by Bielefelds beloved powerviolence heroes Weak Ties and Gothenburgs hardcore punx Noll Koll.

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TERYKY Overcome 12" LP

New Postmetalband from Hamburg.

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10 banging hits from these most inspiring and energetic Bogotá sweet hearts!
Take the catchiness of UK82 punk add a tad of mid 80'ies gloom and throw in a ton of South American tupa-tupa and you're nearly there!

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WEAK TIES s/t 12

WEAK TIES s/t 12" (blue vinyl)

Raging new Powerviolence band from bielefeld. features members from other quality bands like UNRU and Sømerset. WEAK TIES combine fast, '80s-influenced hardcore, thrashing blast beats, female vocals and urgent lyrics on there first album. 12 Track - 16 Minutes. Think of PUNCH vs. HOLY in Charles Bronson’s garage! Oh Yeah!


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ORANG ORANG s/t 12" (limited/preorder)

ORANG ORANG, consisting of members of the best bands that Göttingen/Bielefeld/Kassel have to offer, play a noisy weird & chaotic interpretation of hardcore / punk in the vein of early Ceremony or Trash Talk. What seperates them from the mentioned is the incredible voice of the singer, that's bursting of coolness and adds a good portion of manic pop to the music.

The record will come as one-sided 12" on orange vinyl in a screen-printed cover. Limited edition (50 pcs) with orange print on black cardboard.


10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)


Originally this was planned as a 10" of ASFIXIA about 5 years ago, but they sadly decided to call it quits and split up before it was ever got released. Out of a time when a lot of great bands from spain/basque/galicia had a huge impact on the european HC/Punk/Crust Scene. You know, Bands like EKKAIA, MADAME GERMEN, ICTUS? ASFIXIA from Bilbao/Basque country play some very intense & emotional HC/Punk/Crust (whatever!), they had their absolute unique sound with wonderful (sweet) melodies, crushing into a blend of anger & despair. Political, radical lyrics - very intense and very elaborated. Lyrics that deal with the cruelty of mankind, the major impact of technologies - presented by the sharp, screaming vocals of their female singer. In times it reminds me of bands such as ANOMIE or UNHINGED. For those of you, who know those bands, you know what they were standing for. ANNUNAKI REVENGE were also coming from the basque country - on this split they deliver six songs. Midtempo Crustpunk that managed to create an thoughtful atmosphere through the space it leaves for intense and direct guitar riffs and melodies, backed by the right amount of D-Beat drumming and lyrics presented mostly in basque language.

10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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