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MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Straight Edge Kids would never do this 7" EP

MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Straight Edge Kids would never do this 7
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MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Straight Edge Kids would never do this 7" EP

Strangest Release ever to come out via CONTRASZT! Records!!!

100% Deutschpunk - get it or forget it!

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What a wonderful idea it was to press these songs on a split 7"! The idea came up on their last tour. Lambs just had recorded a couple of new songs and Kenny Kenny Oh Oh still had two unreleased songs from their last recording-session. ...and all songs are among the best, both bands have yet released!

Lambs are probably one of the best bands coming from Cologne/Germany these days. Cool Postpunk with a touch of Deutschpunk. Some german bands like Captain Planet, Dackelblut come to mind, but they still have a very distinct sound and they mix it with catchy guitar melodies, pummeling basslines and driving drumsounds. Great misanthropic, critical and radical lyrics in german.

From Leipzig/Germany, Kenny Kenny Oh Oh is an all-female band, sounding like a modern, more savage Kleenex/Liliput with their simple, fast, and super catchy EP. Charming, sharp, snotty German accents, vocals are very Chrissie Hynde a la Pretenders, sung to English lyrics. It was worth several listens before writing this tidbit, not just because I like to be thorough (um, try to), but because I just thought it was awesome. Some might call this riot grrrl, but it’s really just good, straight-forward punk.

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ZOSCH -  birds don\'t lie  - CD

ZOSCH - birds don\'t lie - CD

Quite unusual record to come out on contraszt! records.

zOSCH! are three women and two men from Cologne/Germany.
With double female vocals, they create their own highly enjoyable mix of danceable Punkrock, Disco-Synthies and great lyrics!
In times minimalistic, in other dense and impulsive. Comparisions to Le Tigre or Bikini Kill are misleading. Rather imagine a more punky version of Lost Sounds, mixed with some goodold Deutschpunk and a fresh breeze of the new Wave sound of the eighties.
this record definetly will make you want to put on your dancing shoes and go yeahyeah !

Birdâ s donâ t lie is their second Full length LP and comes on heavy 180g vinyl in a thick cardboard cover. CD comes as a nice digipac!

8,00 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)
HIGH - High Spirits In Sick Times 7''

HIGH - High Spirits In Sick Times 7''

THRASHPUNK - Alright, Band läuft! The 2nd smasher from this Tübingen based allstar-collective! Six new d-beat-action-thrash-punk-rager, that couldnt be louder, faster and more diabolical! 400 black, 100 red - incl. textsheet - and in co-production with Subzine!

4,00 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)

ARCTIC FLOWERS / INFINITE VOID split 7" (lim. green vinyl)

Melbourne's post-punk favourites INFINITE VOID have teamed up with Portland, OR's dark-punk masters ARTIC FLOWERS for a special split 7". Available on Poison City (Australia/ NZ), Contraszt! (Germany) and Mass Media (USA). Beautiful artwork by Ashley Hohman. Green colour vinyl limited to 250 copies - one time only pressing. Comes with MP3 download.

5,00 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)
STRAFPLANET - big feelings 7''

STRAFPLANET - big feelings 7''

What a fucking rager! More than a year after their ferocious demo, here's finally Strafplanets highly anticipated debut 7“! Members of Boredom, Rivers Run Dry and Catholic Guilt team up to deliver a punishing outburst of female fronted hardcore drenched with noisy feedback and oozing with rage.  Fast paced and in-your-face hardcore punk that's filled with squealing guitars, vicious shrieks, down-tuned bass, and blasting drums. Think of Punch and No Statik to give you a hint.


4,00 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)


This record is the equivalent of a 12 megaton nuclear warhead!! I remember getting this split LP in about 86 and having a religious expierience. The Chaos U.K. is great on this disc, a bit different than most of their other recordings. But the meat of the disc is Extreme Noise Terror, when that feedback comes hammering in on the first track "System Shit" World War III is on for the next 15 to 20 minutes. It just doesn't get any better than this, no one before or since has captured the raw political energy being unleashed on this classic recording! WARNING: listening to this record at high volumes exposes you to ten times the "safe" RADS limit aloted to nuclear power plant workers. Best enjoyed in a Fallout shelter. Money well spent for any hardcore/grind/crust/political/veggie maniacs. This is early DISCHARGE on Meth strapped to a MINUTEMAN III nuclear missle!! The record  contains two E.N.T. bonus sonx taken from the legendary "North Atlantic Noise Attack" compilation! All-time classic!

9,00 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)

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