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DOWN TO AGONY / FALL OF EFRAFA Split LP (clear vinyl / black spl

DOWN TO AGONY / FALL OF EFRAFA Split LP (clear vinyl / black spl
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11,00 EUR

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DOWN TO AGONY / FALL OF EFRAFA Split LP (clear vinyl / black spl

Pre-Order! Out 27th of February 2016!!!

Pressing Details: 200x Limited colored Vinyl and 800x black. comes with a different artwork.

Repress of this long long time sold out record!!!

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INFINITE VOID / MOTH Split 7" (Purple)

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;" src="" seamless><a href="">INFINITE VOID / MOTH split 7&quot; by CONTRASZT! REC #53</a></iframe>

<p>Some new stuff from Melbourne&rsquo;s favourite post-punkers; Infinite Void  who have teamed up with friends from across the pond Moth (Denmark) to  unleash this killer record.</p>
<p>Purple Vinyl (Euro Edition)</p>

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MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Familie & Beruf LP

MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Familie & Beruf LP

Mülheim Asozial deal are its foundation with socio-political issues and represent the consistent restructuring of all states, which they regard as shit. On the debut album "Family & Work" involves no more and no less. Burdened by the Deutschpunk, inspired by cologne Gangsta rap scene and influenced by the rather disgusting taste in music of the band members, it is possible Mülheim Asozial lie to balance between punk and everything else, with even resist the conservative punks of today a smile can not ... .

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LINK 	Chapter IV

LINK Chapter IV

Belgium's Link create melancholic atmospheres above heavy tunes and dark lyrics. Their brooding brand of hardcore crust runs deep pulling a compounding sound of Although it’s hard to put a label on the music, they just call it ‘dark and epic crust’. The music is what they like to hear and what they like to play. Without compromises. 'Chapter IV' is a 6 track crusher, recorded in Hearse Studio, Belgium and artwork to be compiled by Simon of Lust for Death. Link have been stalwarts of Belgium and European hardcore/crust scene for many years and for those unfamiliar Link are firmly with in the ground fans of His Hero Is Gone, Bacchus and From Ashes Rise.

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CREVASSE s/t 12" (Lim. Edition)

Four friends from the netherlands and germany who knew each other from their previous bands like Finisterre, Landverraad, Lawine and Leechfeast met up to creat a new ferocious project. After their demo this is their first output on vinyl. Expect six loud, fast and angry songs that somehow hard to place in the right box. If you like Dbeat and chaotic fast hardcore and you are fed up with daily life, patriarchy and the world as a whole, you should definetly check this out.


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New album by LENTIC WATERS from Münster / Germany. Nine tracks bring their facets of grinding emoviolence, double-bass frenzy and super catchy melodies. Melodies shattered by ravishing outbursts to flow into massive, epic endings. One of the best bands from germany playing blackened / dark Hardcore these days. Highly Recommended!

9,50 EUR ( excl. Shipping costs)


Hailing from the coastal town Brest in the far north-western corner of France LITOVSK deliver a fulminant and outstanding debut album. Eleven songs of dark and gloomy Postpunk/Wave. You could say, you've heard it before and yes, you proabably have: Some of the songs were taken from their 2014 Demo Tape. Rumbling and driving basslines, straight drumming topped by partly wavey guitar riffs: simple, clean and honest while retaining a good portion of frenetic power and energy. Think of THE ESTRANGED, NEW FLESH or RED DONGS. A Band  to reckon with: LITOVSK is defintely one of the best Postpunk coming from Europe these days. On this records they manage to give an extra vibe to the last wave and created eleven hymns to dance and sing along with.

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