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First up is 4 tracks from Manchester's War Coma. They play ferocious hardcore d-beat with beautiful breakdowns, tortured vocals and the 4 tracks coming in at 20 minutes leaves you very satisfied! Next is 5 tracks from Bristol's Jesus Bruiser playing crust ridden anarcho punk with breakdowns bursting back into blast beats! This is a year in the works and is well worth it. //

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ASHKARA features ex-members of long going switzerland Crustpunk institution CWILL and play down tuned and dark, atmospheric and moody HC/Punk or modern and slowed down Crustcore with a urge to sink you into a dark abyss... The use of a violin in most songs adds alot to the moody atmosphere and is a perfect addition for this style of post-punk/post hardcore or whatever you wanna call it.

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FINISTERRE    bitter songs    CD

FINISTERRE bitter songs CD

Two years after their great split LP with ALPINIST, here is the first own album by FINISTERRE from cologne / germany. Bitter songs is a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. FINISTERRE managed to create their own interpretation of modern crust by combining epic elements with sweet melodies and calm and contemplative parts turn into moments of anger and despair. The lyrics deal with current poltical issues like the EU-immigration policy and increase of surveillance in public and private spheres as well as they deal with more personal-politcal topics about heteronomy, sexism and death.The records was recorded by Zett in the Tonkeller, Eisenberg and mixed/mastered by Robin Völkert (Now Denial, Dean Dirg). The CD comes with a 20-page booklets with all lyrics and explanations to the songs.
ready to ship on the 28th JuneReady to ship on the 28th June!

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ZOSCH -  birds don\'t lie  - CD

ZOSCH - birds don\'t lie - CD

Quite unusual record to come out on contraszt! records.

zOSCH! are three women and two men from Cologne/Germany.
With double female vocals, they create their own highly enjoyable mix of danceable Punkrock, Disco-Synthies and great lyrics!
In times minimalistic, in other dense and impulsive. Comparisions to Le Tigre or Bikini Kill are misleading. Rather imagine a more punky version of Lost Sounds, mixed with some goodold Deutschpunk and a fresh breeze of the new Wave sound of the eighties.
this record definetly will make you want to put on your dancing shoes and go yeahyeah !

Birdâ s donâ t lie is their second Full length LP and comes on heavy 180g vinyl in a thick cardboard cover. CD comes as a nice digipac!

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These two band need no introduction, both active since the early \'90s they\'ve continued developing their sound throughout the years. EXTINCTION OF MANKIND are the heaviest and most perfect fusion of bands like ANTISECT, AXEGRINDER, DISCHARGE etc. - metallic, brutal and just fast. PHOBIA providing 8 tracks of the signature grind sound they helped to define. Incredibly fast, brutal, tight and technically skilled grindcore with raging lyrics as it\'s supposed to be.(Agipunk 2010)

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SHADES OF GREY - freedom / incarceration - CD

SHADES OF GREY - freedom / incarceration - CD

SHADES OF GREY should be well known to all who are into scandinavien d-beat/hardcore! they have been playin´ all around europe, released a demo and a split lp with massmord and now it´s time for their very own long-player! Dark, metallic guitar-riffs and melodies assisted by powerful D-Beat drumming and brutal female vocals. 16 page booklet will all lyrics and explanations included. The CD contains the material from the split with MASSMORD as well

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V.A. Freedom Of Mind, Freedom Of Speech CD

V.A. Freedom Of Mind, Freedom Of Speech CD

The sampler contains 47 songs of crustcore, fastcore and raw punk. The bands: VERGE ON REASON (Germany), GORGONOISID (Germany), FALLEN WORLD (Singapore), SMG (Malaysia), CAPGRAS SYNDROM (Germany) und CANCER CLAN (Germany).

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