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V/A: Just another food not bomb compilation CD

V/A: Just another food not bomb compilation CD
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V/A: Just another food not bomb compilation CD


agenda (stavanger, norway)
bagna (hrodna province, belarus)
born for slaughter (skopje, macedonia)
cloud rat (mount pleasant, usa)
dïskøse (besançon, france)
dödläge (portland, usa)
doomsisters (vosges, france)
end it (caen, france)
finisterre (köln, germany)
gasmask terrör (bordeaux, france)
gattaca (praha, czech republic)
human compost (besançon, france)
jeanne (strasbourg, france)
jøtnarr (colchester, uk)
link (loker, belgium)
potence (grand est, france)
s.c.o.d. (wuhan, china)
strong as ten (metz, france)
svffer (münster, germany)
tentacles (san antonio, usa)
the siege fire (portland, usa)
unrest (münster, germany)
vengeance (angoulême, france)
whorsenation (besançon, france)



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