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A split made for Vidro’s Brazilian tour, originally released on tape and now put out on vinyl. This explains a lot, while both bands are among the better up-and-coming groups, Vidro dominates the record.

Already appreciated their previous full-length, now they are even better, playing fucked-up, mid-tempo hardcore somewhere between modern, riff-based groups and SSD/DYS stomping parts, while if you fell for daydreaming seconds, you can find yourself humming “Now I wanna be your dog” to their music, too.

Their singer has a great, super pissed off voice; it pairs well with the guitars that dare to experiment beyond a few chords’ chunky riffs. While their side is as effective on moving my body as if someone shook me by my shoulders, I do not feel hypnotized into fist-pumping, but I nod my head owning total consciousness over my limbs. Vidro deserves it.

Cankro debuts on vinyl with a new breed of raw hardcore punk for fans of SUB-era Brasilian hardcore but with a contemporary twist, hooks and some parts that turn the trope upside down by infusing 30 minute rocking solos that works beyond all expectations! Stripped for metallic clichés and charged with desperation and sincerety; Cankro rips open a new wound on the surface of contemporary hardcore punk. Welcome to a inferno of hardcore punk agression.

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