VALVE – Thermoclines LP


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French blackened Sludge group, Valve, represents with a new album,their very own foray into the misanthropic world of thick, heavy riffs and shrieked vocals. They also sport a bit of a Post-Hardcore fusion to their sound. It’s kind of like listening to Convergeplayed at half speed. Bendy, dissonant melodies and use of feedback, meets a really dark Sludgesound. Steady alternation of palm muting, treble chords, and earworm picked melodies. The vocals nail a sweet spot between a wretch, howl, and growl that is fairly unique. The performance also occasionally channels sounds one have heard on releases from now-defunct Mathcoreacts. No matter what pitch the listener happens to be receiving, the contempt is palpable. Doomy, despairing and unique enough to warrant attention. The melting of Sludge, Post-Hardcore, and a touch of Mathcore creates something wholly rewarding and replayable.

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