V/A: Nic Więcej Do Powiedzenia – Tribute to Homomilitia


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Hasiok Records and D.I.Y.. Kolo Records release here a unique tribute album to probably the most influential Polish anarcho-crust band of the 90s. The musical scope of the bands represented ranges from crust, grind and powerviolence, to melodic hardcore, hardcore and punk, to ambient, electro and acoustic. This stylistic diversity makes this record more than the usual tribute albums where genre-similar bands merely replay the revered songs. Another plus of this release is the 16-page booklet in which all bands are introduced (in Polish), the replica poster and the replica ticket from 1995 and the second centerpiece – besides the LP – in the form of a 96-page fanzine with many photos, interviews and other texts (in Polish and English).


1. Cymeon X – To Mozliwe Jest Tylko Tutaj
2. Alles – Fak Ju Szkola
3. GYL 2022 Experience – Go Woman
4. Baraka Face Junta – Nikt Nie Jest Perfekcyjny
5. Contorture – Homofobia
6. Zatrata – Multinationals
7. Autonoma – Dyskryminacja
8. Procesor Plus – Nic Wiecej Do Powiedzenia
9. Shesh Shesh Shesh – Ziemia
10. Unhaim – Policja
11. How Long? – Praca Zabija
12. Nonsanto – Byc Nieposlusznym, Byc Wolnym
13. Hanba – Milczenie=Smierc
14. Vittuma – Zyj Swoim Zyciem

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