TAIFUN タイフーン – DEM0 2020 Tape


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Ripping hardcore with Burning Sprits passion, rock and roll licks, and punk as fuck energy. From members of Burial, Bombenalarm, The Now-Denial and Doomtown.
Side A of Taifun’s demo features four thrashing hardcore/punk tracks that include a dash of classic japanese Hardcore. Side A is all scrappy and snarling fun. But side B of Taifun’s demo features a single 10-minute noisescape that’ll rattle your fillings and your nerves.

Demo 2020. Recorded in 2020 by Max in Düsseldorf.

1. Into glory Ride
2. Outside
3. Inner Sanctum
4. Thunder rolls

1. Άργος ο Πανόπτης

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