STRAFPLANET Freizeitstress LP



STRAFPLANET from Graz / Austria deliver a punishing outburst of female fronted hardcore drenched with noisy feedback and oozing with rage. Fast paced and in-your-face hardcore punk that’s filled with squealing guitars, vicious shrieks, down-tuned bass, and blasting drums. Think of Punch and No Statik to give you a hint. What a fucking rager!STRAFPLANET Freizeitstress 12″by CONTRASZT! REC. #073 Tracklist:I. DON’T COMPLAINII. ANTAGONISTIC CREATURESIII. FREITZEITSTRESSIV. EHRENSACHEV. SUBJECT & OBJECTVI. NOT A COMMODITYVII. VERLIERERTYPVIII. SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLEIX. KLASSENFEINDOut March 15th 2018!

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