RED GAZE – Healing Games LP


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Quiet achievers Red Gaze from Austria return with their second 12“ vinyl release. One can clearly tell they have been around for a while and know their trade. Less (post-)punk anthem flavor, more anger, snot and eagerness to experiment, still taking cues from anarcho punk, Institute and maybe adding a bit of Arnold Schönberg? Maybe not, I don’t know, but it would be coherent considering the potential origin of their band name. Be that as it may, what one gets here are great marching beats, mean riffs, subtle bass lines, and a singer calmly but still angrily philosophizing about the current state of affairs combined with dissonant sounds that may remind you of that former friend of yours who is now marching in the streets together with fascists or that online meeting you couldn’t attend because you wouldn’t update to that pro account.

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