NOSFERATU – Society’s Bastard MLP


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40 plus years after Out of Vogue and Pay to Cum came, USA HC punk has died many deaths. Only to be brought back to life wave after wave. Perhaps only to be sold again as a cleaner version of itself. However there seem to always be a bunch of miscreats that spit on HC grave and enjoy making dirty and aggressive fast music as if their lifes were on it. NOSFERATU is one of them.

What we have here is the long promised vinyl version of their last year cassette tape. On it you’ll find 11 songs of boom box sounding hardcore PUNK. Fast and raging, without an ounce of metal or cuteness on it. Think of YDI or E-13 but also WRETCHED or SYSTEMATIC DEATH. Short songs as burst of energy with an attention to detail to their craft the way only someone who has worn out their HEREJIA or ANTI-DOGMATIKSS tapes can create. In so many words, NOSFERATU sounds, in my mind, as the missing hidden track on Killed By Hardcore vol. 2.

This version of Society’s Bastard comes as a double A side 12” with the same program repeating on both sides, why not? Packed in a beautiful sleeve designed Albert, who also designed the insert and wrote all the songs.

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