MILANKU – À l’aube LP


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Quebec quintet, Milanku, released their first demo already in 2007. Four more albums followed over the years, with the last album “Monument du non​-​ê​tre & Mouvement du non​-​vivant” released in 2018. The global pandemic slowed down the process and songwriting for their latest album “À l’aube”. The result is overwhelming. Milanku sound like Milanku. The bands draws influences from Mogwai, GY!BE but also from heavier bands like Cult Of Luna or Neurosis. This is not just post-rock, it is also post-metal, art-rock and partially also screamo. This variety is the great strenght of the band and the album. Their songwriting approach relies on the mood of their musical creations and the images they have in their heads when they assemble in a room together. Lyrics come last, always as the final part of the process. The songs create an amazing atmosphere, that transmits hope, ease but also melancholy and darkness. “À l’aube” grants the luxury of unimpeded time, where no clock can dictate the order of the day. It could stretch to an hour with no diminution of quality, yet five tracks spread over thirty-eight minutes are just as effective. Milanku’s music grows and reveals latent pleasures with each listen. You can see snowflakes outside, but you can also envisage a clear blue sky waiting in succession before the evening turns to dusk. Not many bands manage to combine this. Erika Angell of indie pop band Thus Owls appears as guest vocalist on the last track.

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