MARTA RAYA – Hidden Emotions LP


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“Hardly a vinyl is spinning more often in my player than Marta Raya’s debut Hidden Emotions. Even though the album was put out already last year, I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to write a few words of appreciation about what I consider to be one of the best darkwave releases of the recent years.

Marta’s art is that her songs are usually quite long without getting tedious. She takes her time to construct captivating melancholic atmospheres, underlined by somber, magnetic – almost unreal – vocals. I recommend you to light some candles, take a glass of Sherry, close your eyes and put one of the longer songs on, like ‘The Sadness of Gaia’ or ‘Longing for…’.
The whole album is peppered with musical dainties which unfurl step by step. Hidden Emotions is about atmosphere, immersion and nuances. Therefore, continuous exposure is imperative.

Although Monowelt‘s split-up has saddened me deeply, observed from a different angle it makes more sense to me now: Marta Raya and Daria Leere are two extraordinary women who needed their creative freedom to pursue their own musical vision. And so it has happened that instead of one great project, we have got two.”

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