LIQUIDS – Life is Pain Idiot LP + 7″


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“Well, look who’s back! There was a time not so long ago when Liquids’ Mat Williams seemed like the most prolific lo-fi maverick this side of Robert Pollard, as the Indiana collective pumped out two albums (one a double) and a whole mess of tapes and 7” EPs between 2015-18. With a line-up that’s best described as ‘fluid’ (no pun, my babe, no pun), although it once included Mark Winter of fellow weirdos Coneheads on drums, Liquids burned brightly in a haze of creativity, grinding hardcore, Ramonescore pop, Devo-inspired weirdness, new wave and more into their own rough-edged concoction. It was addictive, it was fucked up, it was quite possibly genius (seriously, if you’ve not heard 2016’s ‘Hot Liqs’ LP, go right that wrong immediately). Then… nothing.

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