ICONS OF FILTH – Onward Christian Soldiers LP (Reissue)


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Puke N Vomit presents the first domestic vinyl release of this seminal, UK, anarcho-punk classic from 1984. “Onward Christian Soldiers,” by Icons Of Filth, is a fiery slice of fierce punk/hardcore with lyrics dealing with a need for individual responsibility, action, and positive change. For fans of Crass, Instigators, Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict, Poison Girls, Crucifix, Antisect, and countless others.


A1 . Why So Limited?
A2 . Mentally Murdered
A3 . They’ve Taken Everything
A4 . Fucked Up State
A5 . Present & History
A6 . Dividing Line
A7 . Now We’re Getting Warmer
A8 . Sod The Children
B1 . Show Us You Care
B2 . Death Is The Only Release
B3 . Fool Britannia (A Song For Europe)
B4 . One Second To Midnight
B5 . Midnight
B6 . Onward Christian Soldiers
B7 . Self-Styled Superiority
B8 . Power For Power

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