HILDEGARD VON BINGE DRINKING – Sprechfunk mit Toten 10″


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Hildegard von Binge Drinking are one of those bands that you have to be grateful for their existence. To exist, and to not surrender, them, us – one needs a soundtrack for that. A soundtrack that opens a dimension in which everything can, may, must not matter. But which also sharpens the senses for the bullshit in the here and now, and which does not submit to superficiality, escapism and pose. Instead, it wallows in dirt and sweat, without giving a fuck about good looks or pleasant flavors.

HvBD have a particular bond, not only in the technical musician´s sense, because they have always been “tight”, not only their nun robes. The four songs on “Sprechfunk mit Toten” bundle the organically grown energy from hundreds of live shows, endless sessions in musty squats, sitting together in Pils halls, and meditating under Kraut-overgrown headphone monstrosities. Kraut is just a lappish reference gauntlet thrown in, HvBD are so much more, and so much further advanced on the timeline of introverted DIY culture.

Guest appearances by Les Trucs, as well as Felix Floss on the saxophone, “Sprechfunk mit Toten” was recorded in a few days in their home town of Würzburg, the risographed packaging is done by Christopher Wright of Turbo Island fame and comes in four different color variants. Grab it while you can.

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