HACKER Psy-wi-fi 7″


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Melbourne, Australia’s most feared hardcore cyber-vandal cell returns to wreak havoc on your network and your dance floors with the four-track “Psy Wi-Fi” EP. Following up the tightly-wound attack as heard on 2021’s “Pick A Path” 12”, Hacker have defragged the hardware and blown the dust out, striking again with more slightly more expansive songwriting. “Psy Wi-Fi” marks the welcome addition of a pinch more metal in the guitars and a fistful more pummel in the breakdowns to their established blueprint of direct, charging hardcore riffs, a rhythm section that is as agile as it is powerful, and one of the most expressive, capable and rabid vocalists in punk today. Update your firewall all you want, Hacker is coming. Expect them. (Neil Bramley)

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