GURS – Gerran Bizi Gara LP


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Consisting of eight relentless songs, Gerran Bizi Gara (“We Live in War” in Basque) continues the band’s powerful historical narrative of past struggles against fascism and oppression, while resonating universally with themes of memory, identity, and the ongoing struggle for social justice and liberation today. Musically, GURS are both novel and engaging. Their guitar sound is raw, anthemic, and filled with a sense of immediacy; it brings to mind contemporary bands like Chain Cult, Litovsk and Bleakness, the dark nuances of Scandinavian punk like Masshysteri, and the classic Basque punk ethos of Eskorbuto. As someone who has a preference for fast and aggressive music, I usually find the length of most post-punk/wave albums a bit overwhelming. Gerran Bizi Gara sidesteps this issue neatly, offering just eight tracks in staggering twenty minutes. The songs are short, to the point, yet immersive in their specific atmosphere and delivery. The album completely absorbed me, and it may well do the same for you Gerran Bizi Gara was laid down and mixed by Lolo Ruiz at Corsarios Studios during the summer of 2023. Mastering was handled by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in the United States. The cover art was created by Basque punk artist Aritz Aranburu and screen-printed by Ol’Dirty Hands in Brittany

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