Gonorriaga / Bilintx – Split LP


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From Bilbao comes to us one of the most solid, blackened and massive post-punk boastings that we have been able to reach in 2023. An absoutely killer 12″ split that will drive you to madness, in which GONORRIAGA consolidates their instant chaotic and sidereal punk and BILINTX can boast of an insane debut with a dense, dark and abrasive proposal, that sometimes even reaches the hardcore noise limits. A fucking artifact that has left us absolutely breathless, released on 12″ thanks to a fabulous conglomorate of tiny great labels: Andalucía Über Alles, DDT Banaketak, irrintzi Diskak, Producciones Tudancas, In My Heart Empire, Mal Mai, Mama Vynila, Victim Records, Romantic Songs and Guns Of Brixton

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