GLAAS – Cruel Heart, Cold Summer 7″


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Less than a year after their debut LP ‘Qualm’, Berlin’s best dressed are back with a new line up and a new EP. I was thinking about the best way to describe this one and then it hit me. Some of you reading this are probably familiar with the feeling that comes in the days after that weekend when you decided to stay up for 48 hours, well that is accurately condensed and presented to you over the course of these four new songs. Paranoia? Check. Feelings of hopelessness? Check. The need to get the hell out of that sunlight? Check. The sudden sound of a saxophone? Check.

This has surpassed the lazy post-anarcho punk comparisons. It’s streamlined, superior and ready for you to feel both the serotonin overdose and severe lack of, all in the space of ten minutes.

The record is limited to 500 copies on beautiful, bold and black vinyl presented in a pocket sleeve and insert with artwork from bassist Raquel Torre.

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