FOTOKILLER – Eerie Nostalgia LP


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The debut full-length from Berlin trio Fotokiller is lush, dark punk, featuring understated instrumentation and a strong sense of melody. Compared with the band’s unfiltered 2020 debut, Eerie Nostalgia is a smoother, much more polished offering—as evinced by the updated version of dreamy album closer “Echoes.” Vocalist Sofy exudes an air of quiet despondence akin to the subdued moodiness of Soft Kill. “Asleep,” with its wafting synth and steady bass, brings to mind the sad minimalism of The Softies—the line between dark punk and twee is thinner than one might expect—while “Lovers Undercover” has a deft structure. “Jaded” and “Dead End” have a bit more teeth than the other tracks; they’re delivered with more urgency, the latter erupting into a heartfelt jam.

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