DAYDREAM – Reaching for eternity LP


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‘Reaching For Eternity’ is the 3rd album from Portland, OR’s Daydream.To say this newest offering paints outside the lines of the average punk record is an understatement. By any measure, this is a through and through hardcore punk record, but there are many pop and art elements giving these 12 tracks a quality that necessitates multiple listens to fully grasp the depths of what this record has to offer. Very smart lyrics that are delicately yelled over top notch musicianship brings to mind more modern groups such as CRAZY SPIRIT, STRAW MAN ARMY or POISON RUIN mixed with the FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, DISCHARGE and the entire Dischord Records catalog (at least from VOID to FUGAZI). These songs are as tough as they are beautiful. Uncomforting as they are soothing. Genre defying without feeling disingenuine or cheesy. Bottom line is: this is one of the better, more creative punk records of 2023.

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