CUT PIECE – Your Own Good LP



“In a time where it’s become increasingly difficult to find the motivation to head out my front door, Cut Piece has become one of the few exceptions, and in their brief year of existence my favorite local band. Featuring a lineup of Portland scene stalwarts from Red Dons, Piss Test, Era Bleak, Dials… every time they hit the stage with power, ferocity, and a purpose, commanding the stage and never out staying their welcome. On their debut LP ‘Your Own Good’ they stick to that formula. Combining elements of post-punk, hardcore, and the early 80s UK anarcho scene, Cut Piece turn in a 23 minute album of driving anthems that demand your attention and drill their way into your brain. Songs about the fucked-up state of our world, the overwhelming apathy of the population at large, self-empowerment, and the creeps who lurk the neighborhood. With one of the hardest badgers in the game, a constant barrage of hook exchanges between the wiry guitars and rumbling bass, and a vocalist shouting arithmetic calls to protests, ‘Your Own Good’ makes for a captivating debut, and if album closer GUGI is any indication of what’s to come sign me up now. Dark, powerful, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!! Released in the EU by @sabotagerecords” – Rich Evans, Total Punk Records

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