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Portland, while having a reputation of being a vast landscape city; friendly, easy-going, creative, a grounded place out of time, rarely do we hear about its mystical undercurrent in the form of angular kinetic space punk. I know the town is known for several hardcore bands, crust bands, but sometimes a scene develops a form of music that seems from the cosmos surrounding its physically dense and dusty environment. CUT PIECE freshly offers that — comprised of various musicians with a vivid discography (PISS TEST, RED DONS, MACHO BOYS, PETITE, APRIORI, DIALS, SALTED CITY, WHISPER HISS, SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P) the delivery here is warm and melodic while stinging and howling and dare I say it, spellbinding. CUT PIECE drills with sorcery as if in a floating flight pattern. I absolutely love the buoyant bass tones driving Don’t Become The Enemy from a very ‘80s UK Anarcho set (RUDIMENTARY PENI, EXIT-STANCE). The drumming is a discipline in grooving clockwork. Laura fires an arithmetic meter of vocals with tonal reverberation. Yes it is singing, but it has the accent and punch of protest, liberation and romantic vitriol. Side B of this upcoming EP begins with post-punk splendor (SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS) with hints of post-grunge Pacific Northwest reflection (WIPERS). The complex weaving and conversation between all members of CUT PIECE have martial simplicity and equal parts tranquil synchronicity. The final track is an attack from ‘80s Japan jangly chain punk (THE COMES, THE STALIN). This is a highly anticipated sample with a tremendous variety of flavor within ten minutes. Enjoy their spinning spine-tingling celestial hardcore that inversely, uniquely, comforts you to dance into the night.

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