CLOSET WITCH – Chiaroscuro LP


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Midwest Emo and Midwest Hardcore/Punk was a big thing in the US from the 80s to the 00s. The biggest mistake to make is to think of this music genres when listening to Closet Witch. The band from Iowa offers raging Grindcore-Punk of highest quality. Founded in 2014, the quartet released a demo, some splits and EPs and one critically acclaimed album so far. Their new album “Chiaroscuro” speaks for itself and can whet the appetites of Grind and Powerviolence lovin’ lunatics everywhere. Chaotic, aggressive, cathartic and everything else than easy-listening. Singer Mollie Piatetsky regularly cuts to the bone, yet she refrains from getting bogged down in a spite-fest. Her delivery is unchained, howling with a tirelessness and purpose that’s equal parts intimidating energy and rhythmically earworming. Her style helps dictate much of the record’s flow and gives a little boost in each track. As guest appearances, Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell), Dan Lee (Wanderer) and others feature some of the twelve songs. The interplay between the musicians is stunning. Tight, but not to complicated. When other Mathcore bands lose themself in to many details, Closet Witch stay personal, charismatic and authentic without losing any intensity.

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