CHOKE BOY – Chalk 12″


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Choke Boy sound like a modern successor of the wave of driven post-punk bands that was led by bands like The Estranged, Arctic Flowers and Spectres about 10 years ago. At the time, many of the lesser-known bands from this sub-genre suffered from the fact that everything became so contourless under vast amounts of reverb and deliberately undercooled aesthetics.: The spark wouldn’t really ignite.
So, it’s even more refreshing to see how well Choke Boy avoid these cliffs today and come around the corner with an energetic and self-determined sound that nevertheless pays homage to the 80’s and the aforementioned bands. The bass takes up a lot of space without overpowering other details of songs which would be a shame subduing the elaborated and diversified guitar riffs. A big recommendation for fans of this sound! Only Gloom Sleeper are able to do this on this level in this country.

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