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Yet here we are in the midst of the utmost extreme times. Deranged world politics, information overload, overbearing technological threats, multiple active war fronts, and increased daily stress via the near systematic failure of an ever growing number of cultural / institutionalized systems that seem to ever only let down citizens ofany given nation-state or otherwise worldwide.

It’s in these extreme times that the sounds of the streets can be the only true conveyance of extremity. When the terror and anguish of modern existence becomes embodied in what could now be called the people’s music: Hip-Hop, Trap, Punk / Hardcore and in this case a movement found particularly on the streets of small town southwest Slovenia; Postojna – Power Violence

CarlxJohnson (a no doubt dead on reference to the infamous CJ character from GTA: San Andreas ps2 masterpiece featured on the cover and heavily sampled here) brings forth nothing but extremity and the true sounds of street music on their 16 minute blaster-piece, Hesoyam,

Tracks like SPEEDITUP exemplify the sound of modern-power violence: A quite literally steadily sped up blast beat into beyond gnarly, purely stop start grinding nuclear riffage.

Hails to this ever growing movement in Slovenia for bringing together things ever so poignantly to represent these extreme times: Grand Theft Auto (stealing a tank, running from cops, pissing of parents etc.), PowerViolence, and the menacing youth-led vision of street / punk culture sonic signatures that come from bands like CarlxJohnson. 6 wanted stars all day.

-Brandon Hill (Cloud Rat, Fantastique, Starved Relations etc.)

Limited to 200 copies|
One-sided LP with an etched design on B side

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