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BORN FOR SLAUGHTER are Macedonias crust/D-beat afficionados no. 1 and these two tracks from their split EP with Swedens MYTERI, are no letdown. In comparision with their older stuff there’s clearly a development to hear. The production sounds more controlled, homogeneously and on the atmospheric side, BFS added more darkness into their sound. Maybe I’m wrong, but there’s a point in “Prison’s Abyss” where I hear a short and slight black metal influence. In comparision with their split LP with SILENCE MEANS DEATH I would say, that BORN FOR SLAUGHTER changed the whole energy thing – away from the raw force towards more atmosphere in the songs. Well, I like both and if you hear these songs through a good stereo unit and not via bandcamp, both songs will surely blow your ears off.MYTERI with two songs and one of these tracks can be found on their fantastic self titled LP, but with additional vocals from Gerda Berglund. Anyway – TRAGEDY styled crust/D-beat with a melodic lead guitar from Sweden, surely one of the best bands around within this genre. Damn…these desperate melodies, that’s their thing

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