BAKER ACTED Hours That Never Add Up to Comfort 7″


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Hailing from Miami FL, this new band brings us 6 songs of punk rock with great bass lines, dual guitars, angry as fuck vocals and stop on a dime drums. The vast majority of songs on this record are sung by a womyn with a great vocie, which my wife and I both really enjoy. A few of the songs feature dual male / fem vocals, which brings an element of anarcho- style into the mix. This style has been done before, but this feels fresh and unique, not recycled at all like some bands do. A really good record from the underground of southern Florida, and highly recommended. By the way, the band name baker acted refers to a Florida bill passed in 1971 that allows mentally ill people to be committed to a mental health facility for 72 hours, against the will of the mentally ill person. Quite a fitting name for an angry fem led punk band.Hours That Never Add Up To Comfort 7″ by Baker Acted

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