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PAST Czarno/Biala LP

PAST Czarno/Biala LP
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PAST Czarno/Biala LP

If you are able to crack a smile even through the tears, the new album of Polish band PAST will be exactly for you! Their raw sound can't deny countrymen of SIEKIERA´s classics - they can be as cold as X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND, but full of hope and energy, they can also give you new zest for life. They are more melodic than VÅNNA INGET and more melancholic than MAKTHEVERSKAN. On the LP "Black/White", the 80's post-punk gets a distinctive character also thanks to the strong vocal of the singer Gosia, who really performs her dissatisfaction with the state of today's world with expression and is not satisfied with a vacant "singing". She's got an opinion, she complains, calms down, screams, she can dream away and get angry and her fellow bandmates are helping her with that. Eleven songs and a cover by EWA BRAUN are definitely not black and white. On the contrary, the album is full of colors - the brighter ones and the darker ones as well. However, all of them are intensive and that's a specific sign of PAST. Moreover, the lyric poetry in Polish makes it believable and leaves no space for empty phrases". (Demi /

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It’s been silent from the Protestera camp for some time now, the last record I heard was the “01.05.1886” LP in 2010 (and apparently there are a split 10″ from the same year that I haven’t heard). But they’re back now, 6 years later, with two tracks of angry anarcho punk done following their own recipe. Good stuff and you won’t be disappointed if you’re into their earlier stuff, or speedy political punk with dual female/male vocals.

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RAGANA You take nothing LP

RAGANA You take nothing LP

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