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KENNY KENNY OH OH I will not negotiate LP (dark blue)

KENNY KENNY OH OH I will not negotiate LP (dark blue)
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KENNY KENNY OH OH I will not negotiate LP (dark blue)

KENNY KENNY OH OH I will not negotiate LP (dark blue)

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Vier neue Songs vom Mann, die sich thematisch hinter den eisernen Vorhang wagen. Rotziger maßloser Deutschpunk im Stile der 80er mit einem gekonnten Tritt ins Gesicht. EX-Napoleon Dynamite /The Jim Tablowski Experience / The Omnipresent Disease/ Die Eule Im Bart des Judas-Menschen zeigen, dass Trashpunk auch im Jahre 2015 noch Spaß machen kann. Platte kommt im Premium-Perlmutt-Cover.

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Erste EP der Berlin-Hannover-Punk-Connection. Gnadenlos trashiger, wütender und rotziger Punkrock mit angepisstem weiblichen Gesang und politischen Texten. Bands sollten sich generell viel mehr nach Anschlägen benennen, fällt mir da gerde so auf.
Wer auf geilen authentischen undergroundigen Punkrock von der Basis steht, kommt daran nicht vorbei!

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THE NOW DENIAL single club 7

THE NOW DENIAL single club 7"

4,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
V/A: More than Music Vol.1 3x7

V/A: More than Music Vol.1 3x7"

Awesome 3xEP with all D.I.Y. female fronted Bands. bands on this compilation are SCHIFOSI, THE ASSASSINATORS, BALLAST, ABDUCTEE S.D., EASPA MEASA, JUGGLING JUGULARS, LA FRACTION, NO REST, SIGNAL LOST, SANGRE, CRIATURA and LA MARCA. All EPs are coloured Vinyl, THe 3xEP has a huge screen print poster with it, 1 small booklet with the lyrics and all informations about the bands and one small booklet thats about the women situation in the d.i.y. network! awesome compilation!!!

10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
EXIT ORDER - Seed Of Hysteria LP

EXIT ORDER - Seed Of Hysteria LP

Following a fantastic demo in 2013 and a flawless 7” EP in 2015 Boston’s EXIT ORDER finally grace us with a long waiting debut 12”. Seed Of Hysteria is made up out of 10 perfect hardcore punk songs. With one boot firmly stuck on the Bristol punk sound of the golden era and with nods to early USA Hardcore and prime UK Peace-Punk Seed Of Hysteria is an all out sonic assault. Using the best elements of the last 30 years of international hardcore punk and turning them into short sharp bursts of energy. Heavy on the guitar chorus and with a extremely sharp vocal deliverance reminding at times of No Side era COMES the record flows with urgency and aggression. You’ll have to dig hard to find a punk record as tough and tight as Seeds Of Hysteria.

The record comes in a heavy reverse board monochromatic sleeve with a double sided 22”x11” which doubles as poster and lyric sheet.

12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
BLANK - Suspiria LP

BLANK - Suspiria LP

Suspiria is the follow-up release to BLANK‘s first full-length Calix and a definite must-have if you dig fast-paced, dark and highly emotive Hardcore with its dirty claws deeply dug in the rotten flesh of Metal and Crust. The band from the Cologne area (Germany) comes up with a four-song EP that totally lives off the tension between really fast high-speed attacks and halting, teeth-gnashingly slow grinding despair.

Thankfully enough this is really far away from being one of those fruitlessly anxious attempts to bring together Post-Metal and Hardcore – Suspiria is an highly energetic, infectious Punk record above all, but surely one that isn’t afraid to incorporate elements of other genres if they contribute to the bleak and desperate atmosphere created.

10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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