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INFINITE VOID / MOTH Split 7" (Purple)

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INFINITE VOID / MOTH Split 7" (Purple)

Some new stuff from Melbourne’s favourite post-punkers; Infinite Void who have teamed up with friends from across the pond Moth (Denmark) to unleash this killer record.

Purple Vinyl (Euro Edition)

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CREVASSE s/t 12" (Lim. Edition)

Four friends from the netherlands and germany who knew each other from their previous bands like Finisterre, Landverraad, Lawine and Leechfeast met up to creat a new ferocious project. After their demo this is their first output on vinyl. Expect six loud, fast and angry songs that somehow hard to place in the right box. If you like Dbeat and chaotic fast hardcore and you are fed up with daily life, patriarchy and the world as a whole, you should definetly check this out.


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DOWN TO AGONY / FALL OF EFRAFA Split LP (clear vinyl / black spl

DOWN TO AGONY / FALL OF EFRAFA Split LP (clear vinyl / black spl

Pre-Order! Out 27th of February 2016!!!

Pressing Details: 200x Limited colored Vinyl and 800x black. comes with a different artwork.

Repress of this long long time sold out record!!!

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ANOPHELI the ache of want LP

ANOPHELI the ache of want LP

Second LP from Anopheli. This band features members of Fall Of Efrafa, Monuments Collapse, Light Bearer...

The band set out to create a works that would incorporate emo-crust with doom influences.

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BODEN s/t 12

BODEN s/t 12"

BODEN is a new band from Stuttgart / Germany, and this is their first LP.

If you're into some dark & moody stuff, please check out this new band . It's an anthemic mix of hardcore, postmetal and shoegaze. This one comes on a one sided LP w/ silk-screen printing on the B-Side. Comes with lyric poster and on rough and heavy cardboard. We're totally stoked about this release.

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LINK 	Chapter IV

LINK Chapter IV

Belgium's Link create melancholic atmospheres above heavy tunes and dark lyrics. Their brooding brand of hardcore crust runs deep pulling a compounding sound of Although it’s hard to put a label on the music, they just call it ‘dark and epic crust’. The music is what they like to hear and what they like to play. Without compromises. 'Chapter IV' is a 6 track crusher, recorded in Hearse Studio, Belgium and artwork to be compiled by Simon of Lust for Death. Link have been stalwarts of Belgium and European hardcore/crust scene for many years and for those unfamiliar Link are firmly with in the ground fans of His Hero Is Gone, Bacchus and From Ashes Rise.

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MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Familie & Beruf LP

MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL - Familie & Beruf LP

Mülheim Asozial befassen sich seit ihrer Gründung mit gesellschaftspolitischen Themen und stehen für die konsequente Umstrukturierung aller Zustände, die sie als scheisse betrachten. Auf dem Debut-Album "Familie & Beruf" geht es um nicht mehr aber auch nicht um weniger. Belastet vom Deutschpunk, beflügelt durch die kölner Gangsta Rap-Szene und beinflusst vom ziemlich ekeligen Musikgeschmack der Bandmitglieder, gelingt es Mülheim Asozial einen Spagat zwischen Punk und allem anderen hinzulegen, wobei sich selbst der konservative Punker von heute ein Lächeln nicht verkneifen kann....

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